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Customer support: frequently asked questions

To get a phone number for registration, follow these steps: select the country you want the number for. Choose the service you need. Click the "get number" button. The number will be ready within 10 minutes, register for the selected service using the number you received. Wait for an SMS and enter the code you received in the "code from SMS" field on the website. Use the code to complete the registration process.
To view your SMS history, follow these steps: go to the "Settings" section, click the "Payments" button. You will see a list of all your purchases. You can also search for specific SMS using the search function.
The number of times a phone number can be used depends on the service you want to use it for. For example: VK once,Yandex 5 times, Instagram 2 times. If you need to use the same number for an extended period, consider using our rental service.
Payments may take up to several hours to be credited to your balance. Don't worry, your payment won't be lost. If you think there's an issue, please contact our online consultant for help.
Mobile operator numbers are not infinite and are constantly being reissued. For example, if someone buys a prepaid SIM card, uses it to register for a social network, but then stops using the number, the SIM card may be deactivated after a few months. The number may then be sold to another person, but the social network profile associated with the number will still exist. Please contact customer support for further assistance.
You can add funds to your account using either cryptocurrency or a bank card.
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